Kevin Reimund

Director of Membrane Engineering

Polymer science, in its modern form, is actually roughly as old as computer science. As computer science has transformed the social and economic world, polymers and nanotechnology are transforming the medical, chemical, and industrial worlds. The fusion of nanotechnology and polymer science has begun, and will continue, to displace traditional methods for the extraction and refinement of materials. In the future, sand pits, gas-fired boilers, and massive evaporation ponds will be replaced by compact and green membrane technology.

Kevin Reimund is the Director of Membrane Engineering. He has been involved in membrane research and development for 8 years and is responsible for managing the transition between lab-scale research and full-scale production. Kevin works to ensure that laboratory discoveries have a clear path to continuous manufacturing. He has made well over a thousand test membranes by hand and has been known to accurately gauge the thickness of a membrane by touch alone.

Prior to joining EnergyX, Kevin was a research engineer at Mattershift, a company focused on the creation of aligned carbon nanotube membranes. While there, Kevin once built a fully functioning pilot scale membrane manufacturing line, mostly out of spare parts and items from the hardware store. Prior to this, Kevin performed research at the University of Connecticut’s S.W.E.L. laboratory under Dr. Jeffrey McCutcheon. His work focused on osmotic membrane technologies such as forward osmosis and pressure-retarded osmosis.

Kevin graduated from the University of Connecticut with degrees in Molecular Biology and Chemical Engineering. In addition to his role at EnergyX, Kevin is pursuing a PhD at the University of Texas under Dr. Benny Freeman. His work is currently focused on the thermodynamics of membrane fabrication and new techniques for industrial-scale fabrication of nanocomposite membranes.

Fun Fact: Kevin thoroughly believes in the restorative power of fasting and regularly partakes in 5-day fasts. As a personal challenge, Kevin once went 25 days without food or drink besides water.